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"THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! My Greek letters have arrived perfectly on time and they look GREAT!!! I am so happy. I would highly recommend to anyone!! Thanks again and again!" Phi Mu Fraternity, Millsaps Chapter, Jackson, MS

"I wanted to pass my thoughts along to you folks. In these tough economic times it is not easy to find a high quality product at a reasonable price and prompt service to boot. For the price I paid for my order I did not let my expectations run high. I received my order on Monday (very quick delivery) and I cannot say enough about how nice the letters and numbers looked and the ease of using your pattern as the time I save saved was worth twice what I paid. (and every one fit perfect). I hope to have the opportunity to recommend you to others."
Steve P, WI about his Minnesota Letters

"Thank you for your good work and very thorough packing. The customer is very happy with the letters."
Sean C, GA about his
Minnesota Letters

"I received the letters on Friday and they look great!  I installed them yesterday and everyone that has seen them really likes them.Thank you!"
Dan P, CA about his Metal on Acrylic Letters

"I am extremely satisfied with how the letters look. The only problem is that I purchased these as a gift that I donated and am now disappointed that I hadn't ordered another set for my own personal use. I appreciate all your help and can't express to you enough how great the letters being displayed in our office look."
John W, GA about his Acrylic Letters

"Pleasure ordering from your company. Very good service. Very good products."
Wil F, VA about his Simulated Brass Letters

"Just wanted to let you know that I was VERY pleased with the speed in which the letters arrived and the fact that you sent a spacing guide, really impressed me. The letters were of excellent quality and look really terrific on the Ticket Boxes and Box Office of our Theatre. Thank you very much and I hope to do business with you again."
Bryan W, FL about his Formed Plastic Letters

"Our letters came so fast and I was very impressed with the packaging. They were in perfect condition. We put them up this afternoon using the template we purchased. They look GREAT! Thanks"
Glenn B, IA about his Acrylic Letters

"We just received our Letters and they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! We are just in the process of attaching them to our maple wood backing and
our sign looks fantastic! When we are asked about our sign, we can highly recommend you."
Roxann H, CA about her
Minnesota Letters

"Thanks Robert...great doing business with the quality of the letters"
John O, OH about his Acrylic Letters

"Thank you for your prompt response. They arrived just in time for my grand opening party for my restaurant. They came out gorgeous!!!! Thank you so much."
Stacey W, FL about her Aluminum Letters

"We received our letters. They look great, were packed great, and installed easily. Everyone on our floor is jealous and I've given them you website. THANK YOU!"
Marilyn R, CA about her Metal on Acrylic Letters

"I ordered some signage (Minnesota and Acrylic) for our company. The results were perfect. One of our office neighbors is interested in ordering some as well. "
Philip B, CA about his Acrylic Letters and Minnesota Letters

"Our lettering looks wonderful!"
Kathy B, CA about her Bronze Letters

"I am not using these for a specific sign but rather for wall letters in a child's room.. I am very impressed with your selection...thank you!!"
Christine C, NH about her Acrylic Letters

"I just installed my new house numbers and I couldn't be happier with the results! The installation pattern made everything SO easy... It's amazing how something so simple could enhance our home's curb appeal so much. Thanks for your excellent service!"
Carlos C, PR about his Aluminum Letters

"Thank you so very much for the great customer service. Our Elementary school needed replacement letters for our sign. Ben was so easy to work with and helped figure out the sizing we needed. Taking our PTO check was such a help to us. Our sign looks wonderful. THANK YOU, from all of us @@ W.D. Hall Elementary P.T.O."
Linda M, CA about her Changeable Letters

"I just wanted to write and thank you for the prompt and efficient manner with which my order was handled. I ordered an aluminum letter sign from you for our new offices and could not have been happier with the resulting sign. It takes pride of place in the reception area and truly completes the space. Thank you."
Natasha A, PA about her Aluminum Letters

"Thank you so much for your help in expediting our orders! This all precedes a very special event for our company, and this will make a significant difference as to how our visitors perceive our operation!
Have a wonderful week!"

Denny A, KY about her Acrylic Letters

"I just wanted to thank you and let you know the sign looks great and we are extremely happy with the way it turned out! "
Lisa R, NC about his Foam Letters

"I just wanted to thank your company for the excellent work and ease of placing the letters I purchased. I hate doing work like that as I always screw it up. I do surgery, not carpentry, but with the templates, even I was able to do a nice job. And the quality of the letters exceeded my anticipation. I only wish I needed more signs! I will, however, give out your name to anyone thinking of signs."
Wesley S, RI about her Formed Plastic Letters

"Much appreciated! You're fullfilling your advertised promises to the letter."
Todd S, MA about his Acrylic Letters

"Just to say thank you for getting the letters to us on time. They looked great. We had a excellent exhibition all went very well. Thank you for your help"
Anne C, UK about her Foam Letters

"Received my stainless steel letters today. They look great thanks!"
Jason N, MD about his Stainless Steel Letters

"I have received my order and the numbers are quite beautiful thank you!"
Kevin B, CA about his Aluminum Letters

"I recently bought some letter for a sign and loved the product."
Angel C, PR about his Acrylic Letters

"I have been looking for these for so long and I found them on your site at an affordable price. I will highly recommend your site to my friends"
Aaron F, TX about his Cast Aluminum Letters

"Just a quick note of appreciation for your timely response to our request. You can be assured that your company will receive our future sign letter business."
Tim B, Canada about his Changeable Letters

"Got my letters today- fast ship & letters look fantastic!"
Shane D, TX about his Acrylic Letters

"The letters look great! Thanks for helping us get them expedited. Thank you"
Jane G, MI about his Stainless Steel Letters

"I think your level of service has been exceptional.Thank you, look forward to using you again"
James E, CA about his Cast Aluminum Letters

"Thank you very much. I really appreciate the quick response. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone I encounter wanting to do some sign work."
Neil A, LA about his Acrylic Letters

"Thank you. Your lettering looks great on our building site"
Jackson C, CA about his Formed Plastic Letters

"The letters are 10" Minnesota Roman in Aztec Copper stud/pad combo mounted. They really compliment the sign as well as the Animal Hospital building itself. Included are some extra photos just to give you an idea of the "V" design of the monument. This angled design works great since the distance from the sign to the street is approx. 30'. The sign has received numerous compliments from clients, and it couldn't have been done without the right letters.Thanks for everything, and happy holidays!"
Michael W, NE about his Minnesota Letters

"Order was recieved yesterday and everything is correct.I am very pleased and once again thank you for everything"
Robert B, MI about his Changeable Letters

"I just wanted to tell you that I received the sign letters and I was extremely happy with them. I look forward to doing business with you again! Thanks!"
Lakie H, IN about his Foam Letters

"My order was just delivered, and the letters look fantastic"
Stephen H, FL about his Stainless Steel Letters

"Thank you for your amazingly prompt and accurate service. The first sign of our new store is already up."
Bob L, OH about his Changeable Letters

"Amazing! You guys really have the customer service thing nailed. I appreciate the incredibly quick response and will be sure to use you again in the future."
Keith B, TX about his Acrylic Letters

"My order arrived today and the letters look great. The font, finish and dimensions are just as I wanted. Nice work."
Craig E, CA about his Aluminum Letters

"We really appreciate it! Our acrylic lettering looks great. And, you're website is right, it was very easy to install with the spacing paper tape."
Kathy M, CA about his Acrylic Letters

"The letter came out very very good and we are very satisfied."
Akber A, FL about his Formed Plastic Letters

"I find the gallery photos on your website very helpful when choosing sign letters , especially of letters on apartment buildings. I thought you might want some of our digital shots of your letters as they look on our buildings.."
Wendy A, CA about her Cast Aluminum Letters

"KUDOS to YOU for your great customer service ! We are excited about placing the company name lettering up for our grand opening"
Elaine M, AZ about his Formed Plastic Letters

Joel C, CA about his Foam Letters

"I wasn't home when the letter came, but it was left for me. I got it and it's beautiful."
Mary M, FL about his Formed Plastic Letters

"BEAUTIFUL! My client is completely thrilled...and so am I! Thank you again for helping this project turn out looking even better than I had hoped!"
Angeleen U, OR about her Aluminum Letters and Copper Letters

"Thank you so much for the prompt sending of the samples. You are awesome!"
Josephine Z, CA about her Acrylic Letters

" I did a little “signage” talk at my work. Part of my demonstration included showing them the 15” aluminum logo you produced. Everyone was very impressed with the excellent craftsmanship. The quality is 200% better than the local sign company HDR was using before I started here."
Janie H, NE about her Aluminum Letters

"My order arrived safely and we are delighted with the quality of work and speed of delivery."
Cameron L, Perth Scotland about her Formed Plastic Letters

"I ordered and received some acrylic letters (nice product, and fast!) "
Natalie L, MN about her Acrylic Letters

"I wanted to let you know that the emblems arrived today, a day earlier than expected. I am VERY pleased with them and will definitely be ordering more. You guys did a great job!"
Daniel H, TX about his Aluminum Letters

"We Received the letters and they look terrific! Thank you !!! Very easy to install!"
Cheri Q, OK about her Foam Letters

"We just received some letters we ordered from you and they look great"
Andy Pitts, CA about his Aluminum Letters

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy we are with the purchase we made on June 5, 2006. Your website is very well designed and is easy to navigate. I love the option of being able to preview the lettering in the color and font you choose and that an approximate length is given as well. This prevented me from ordering a font that would have been way too large for the space I had to work with. When we received the shipment, I was extremely pleased with the way it was securely packaged but the real bonus was the hand-measured mounting template that was included! I was so happy with that--it made mounting the letters so quick and easy that we have decided to place another order today. Thank you very much for the great service!."
Alison A, ME about her Acrylic Letters

"Great Job!!! Love our letters. Thanks"
Virginia P, NJ about her Minnesota Letters

"Just a note- we did receive the order on time- yesterday- thank you for the quick service."
KYoung, MA about her Aluminum Letters

"I am so glad I found your web site."
Eileen B, VA about her Copper Letters

"The materials arrived without damage and I am very happy with their appearance"
Ken K, CA about his Formed Plastic Letters

"Thanks to your customer service for their help!"

Melanie R, NC

"We received our order and the letters are on our wall… they look great! Thank you for the prompt service, your customer service was exceptional when I had questions and tracking was simple. We ordered the Simulated Stainless letters in the Natural Satin and they couldn’t look better with our hand made metal symbol. I would recommend you to anyone. "
Karla K, MN about her Simulated Stainless Steel Letters

"They have arrived today and look fantastic. Well done! Thank you so much for all your hard work behind the scenes. The letters are really superb and I cant thank you enough. All the very best and you are magic."
Martyn, CA about his Stainless Steel Letters

"We got everything and it looks great."
Brian D, CT about his Custom Acrylic Logo

"Many thanks for your courtesy, support and efficiency."
Janet R, CA

"I ordered the Copper Natural Satin letters for my house and they look excellent!!! much appreciated!!!"
Luis B, CA about his Foam Letters

"Your customer service rep is a genius, I will place an order later on today! Thanks!"
Eileen S, ID about her Foam Letters

"It has just arrived. It's stunning! Thank you so much. I really love it! It will look fab on my shop."

Jessa, UK about his natural satin Aluminum Letters

"I received the letters, and the layout instructions. The sign went up without hitch. I may start a new career! Fantastic product. I figure I save the company nearly $4,000 by using your product, based on local quotes for signage"
Adrian P, FL about his Aluminum Letters

"Thank you for your effort, I used the letters to propose to my girlfriend that Saturday, and It was just the exact touch that I needed to bring a magical
evening together. I couldn't have done it without you guys, not enough THANK YOU's could suffice. You guys are the best. I will continue to order from you guys with little more notice of course. And yes she said YES!"

Eddie B, NY about his Foam Letters

"Thank you for offering a wonderful web-site and a wonderful product."
Patricia F, CA about her Aluminum Letters

"We have received them- and they look great! We will be sure to tell others about you guys!"
Sil Jang Nym Hilda , Texas about her Formed Plastic Letters

"Thank you for your help. The letters worked perfectly and the sign is beautiful."
Edna S, CA about her Aluminum Letters

"Wonderful Product! Thank you so much! Thank you and everyone involved!"
Alan C, NC about his Simulated Stainless Steel Letters

"Thanks! Very good service and quality products."
Bill F, BC Canada about his Aluminum Letters

"Thanks so much Steve, the letters went together great and look fantastic. They sit in the new storefront. I REALLY appreciate the tireless effort you have put in; I would have absolutely NO hesitation in recommending you and your products. Good service is actually a privilege and not a right (as many customers expect); thank goodness for the internet allowing me to find your company! In the UK the sign letter market is stitched up by the manufacturers/distributors so this would not have been possible without you guys. From the UK to the USA: Thank you"
James D, UK about his Aluminum Letters Aluminum Letters

"Received the numbers ordered and they look great."
Natascha T, TN about her Cast Aluminum Letters

"Thanks again, the letters are great and I would like to complement you on your web site! ( very user friendly)"
Stephen F , NB, UK about his Minnesota Letters

"Extremely satisfied with the service you provided, it is excellent!"
Kathy C, NY about her Foam, Acrylic, Formed Plastic and Simulated Stainless Steel Letters

"I just had to say thank you for:
1. The letters were great
2. Your speed in processing was awesome
3. The confirmation letter and tracking is the only way to go.
4. I am already getting comments of the letters and am happy to recommend your company
Extremely Satisfied Customer"

Lynda Griffith, WI about her Formed Plastic and Minnesota Letters

"Thank you for your help with this order. The letters were received and mounted with great result."
James E, NJ about his Brass Letters

"Thank you so much for the letters. We got them today and made our sign and it is wonderful."
Nancy & Al G , ME About her Aluminum Letters

"We received the letters today. Great job! Great service too."
Many thanks,
Bob W, AL About his Aluminum Letters

"This note is to thank you for your assistance with my order and to report that I have received the changeable letters, numbers, punctuation and tracks that I ordered. Everything was in good condition."
Ken K, CA About his Changeable Letters

"You are the best! Thank you very much. By the way, several people have commented on how professional the letters look at my husband's new business. I am letting them all know where we got the letters. Now I can also let them know how great the service is too!"
Cerise C, TX about her Foam Letters

"Thanks for getting these out. I appreciate your great products and service."
Jim S , MI about his Formed Plastic Letters

"I received the Cast Aluminum Letters I ordered and everything was very acceptable, thank you."
P Jenkins , Canada about his Cast Aluminum Letters

"Received Plastic Letters yesterday...they look great. Thanks!"
WSales, Texas about his Formed Plastic Letters

"We just received the Brass Letters and they are wonderful. Top quality. Thank you for your time."
A Lewis, Arizona about his Brass Letters

"We were happy with your work and fast service."
P Contreras, California about his Formed Plastic Letters

"Letters received. Great work!"
Staurt K, NC about his Stainless Steel Letters

"Just a note to thank you. I spent over 10 years in the sign industry and the letters we purchased from you are as good as ANY i have ever seen. the workmanship, detail, and packaging were Excellent! Thank you for providing a Great product at a reasonable price."
Doug P, NC about his Specialty Gator Foam Letters

"Everything is fine thanks again for the help getting the letters to me early, it helped a GREAT deal."
Andre G, NC about his Acrylic Letters

"We really like the product! Thank You!"
Kathie B, SD about her Acrylic Letters