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Reverse Channel Letters, Numbers & Logos come in a wide variety of painted, polished and Titanium finishes and are expertly crafted in C304 stainless steel, not aluminum like most companies. When you want the highest quality reverse channel sign letters for your business, these sign Letters are the right choice.  Reverse Channel Sign Letters are lighter and offer more dimension than flat cut stainless steel and aluminum letters. Using lasers to cut the faces ensures the most precise cut possible and using superior led-free solder we are able to obtain the proper balance of weight and strength. The welds have been tested and are built strong enough to endure below -40ºF and exceed 350ºF.  

Produced in a wide range of sizes from 6” to 36”high, in multiple rich stainless finish options, all lit with one of five LED colors. Halo Lit fabricated letters are produced with a removable can to allow for servicing of LEDs.  In addition, optional detachable studs create a  1-1/2” stand-off, and allow easy removal of letters from the wall. Halo lit letters can be fabricated with or without LEDs.  Alloy 304 is the standard stainless alloy, offering excellent resistance to corrosion. Alloy 316 and Titanium are also available and recommended for more harsh environments, such as coastal areas

We also do custom logos and type styles, just contact us for a quote. All of our Reverse Channel Letters come with a lifetime guarantee.  Letters ship in 20-22 Business Days

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Reverse Channel Colors                  Click on color for bigger picture.

5687 White
4310 Dove Grey
0209 Grey
2025 Black
2718 Opaque Ivory
0207 Beige
4660 Desert Sand
2000 Yellow
2037 Lemon Yellow
0217 Citrus Yellow
0218 Sundance Yellow
0254 School Bus Yellow
2119 Orange
2662 Red-Orange
0256 Rampart Orange
2793 Red
0214 Mexicali Red
2240 Maroon
2410 Magenta
2287 Purple
0246 Violet Toner
2050 Dark Blue
2860 Medium Blue
3000 Blue
2648 Light Blue
3210 Teal Blue
2108 Light Green
3555 Spring Green
0222 Emerald Green
2030 Green
0259 Federal Green
6371 Yellow Brilliant Gold
2756 Metallic Gold
0401 Aztec Gold
6366 Copper
0402 Aztec Copper
0312 Medium Bronze
0314 Old Copper
3130 Duranodic Bronze
8886 Metallic Silver
2767 Midnight Blue
5425 Marine Reef Blue
2418 Brown
2162 Hunter Green
  • Quality Elegant Interior & Exterior signage
  • Many Finishes and Sizes Available
  • Polished Faces and Returns
  • Can be back lit with LED's or Neon
  • Lifetime Guarantee On Reverse Channel Letters
  • Installation Patterns Available
Shipping Info
Mounting Options
Stud Mounting For Neon or LED
This is also a popular installation method. The difference between the for lighting method and not is this method has larger brackets inside the letter. Installation patterns available and highly recommended for easy install. Simply drill holes, fill with 100% pure silicone and slide in letters. Stud Mounting For No Lighting