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Please type NUMBERS or LETTERS the way you want them to read in UPPER or lower case for this font.

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Approximate line length is for longest line of copy and may vary by 10% if you need exact line lengths please contact us

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Acrylic Letters and Numbers Sizes from 2" to 72" , available in 32 pigmented colors. Acrylic Letters can also be painted to match your custom PMS colors. Acrylic letters and Logos are laser cut with exacting precision and sharp polished edges. Acrylic letters are available in a variety of fonts. Letters, Logos and Numbers are Easy to install with studs and an installation pattern, showing you precisely where to drill holes for mounting and are also available with double sided tape. 3/16'', 1/4'', 3/8'', 1/2'' 3/4'' Acrylic Letter thickness are now available. Several types of mountng methods are available. We can also supply custom logos and fonts in Acrylic. 

Acrylic Letters, Logos and Numbers ship in 5-6 Business Days

3/8'' and 1/2" thicknesses will have flush stud mounting. 3/16'' & 1/4'' thickness are too thin to drill and tap for studs so they will have a acrylic nut on the back to screw the stud into. See Mounting Options on this page for illustrations. Metallic Silver and Metallic gold sides will have a darker sides than the face.

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Mounting Options
This method is the most popular and secure method available. They acrylic cement a nut that the stud screws into to the back of the letter and this will stand your letter off the wall. 
                                                     If you would like a flush mount against the wall upgrade your thickness to 3/8" or thicker. 
                                                     Installation patterns available and highly recommended for easy install. Stud Mounting
Great easy to apply option method of installation. One of the most common ways to install letters. 
                                                     This method will stand your letter off the wall, if you would like your letter flush against the wall choose plain mounting and simply apply 100% pure silicone to letters and apply to wall. Pad Mounting
This method is an alternative to pad mounting. To use this method apply 100% silicone to the back of the letter and secure the letter to the wall. Plain Mounting
Great for corrugated buildings or walls. This installation method combines studs and pads to leave the letter across uneven surfaces. Stud/Pad Combo Mounting
This is an alternative method to stud mounting only available on thicknesses of 3/8" or above. This will leave your letter flush against the wall. Flush Stud Mounting