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Aluminum Letters & Numbers - Arial 14''
Height 14" | | Upper Case: $92.64 ea.| Lower Case: $88.72 ea.
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Custom-made metal signage for your next investment

Flat cut aluminum letters and logos accentuate detailed designs, backed by enduring quality and style. For indoor or outdoor signage, flat cut metal gives you flexibility for your signage projects.

What Is Flat cut aluminum?

Flat cut aluminum products are dimensional, precision-cut letters and logos on a solid sheet of aluminum
By using water jet technology, we are able to create thin, more exact stroke lines to replicate intricate designs.
Dependent on size, flat cut metal products come in single pieces. Flat aluminum metal is precise, durable, and versatile for many signage projects and its tested to last a lifetime,
or we will replace them for free, guaranteed.

Find your aluminum letters and numbers here. Buy online, Sign up & Save 5%, Lots of letters, Custom fonts, Plenty of sizes, painted and aluminum finishes to chose from. Free Shipping* Lifetime guarantee

Aluminum Letters, Numbers & Logos  Over 1000 Colors, lifetime guarantee. 
Aluminum letters are the preferred choice for outdoor use as they are durable and long-lasting.
Beautiful painted and fine finishing in high-quality aluminum. These letters are guaranteed against fading, chipping or cracking. Get custom aluminum letters made in your choice of size and fonts.  Sign up Today and Save 5%

Aluminum Letters, Logos & Numbers are great for exterior signs. Aluminum Lettering is available in painted and anodized finishes providing outstanding results.  We can also supply custom pms colors, logos and fonts. Waterjet cut sign letters and logos are created from a solid 1/4'', 3/8", 1/2", 3/4",  and 1'', thick piece of aluminum.. Aluminum lettering is easy to  install with studs and an installation pattern, showing you precisely where to drill the mounting holes. Alloy #5052

Anodizing is an electro-chemical process that hardens aluminum letters and allows them to be colorized. We perform our own anodizing to ensure all the Aluminum Letters in your order have color consistency and are all finished to perfection. Aluminum Letters that are anodized are the pinnacle of dimensional lettering creating a sense of permanency where they are installed. Anodized finishes are not just coatings... the coloring is part of the finished aluminum letters. Benefits of anodizing your Aluminum Letters include: abrasion and weather resistant, beautiful finish, increases hardness and durability, will not crack or peel, unaffected by sunlight / UV, environmentally friendly, and cost effective.

Authorized Gemini Sign Letter Supplier Since 2001
Gemini Alluminum Letters come with a Lifetime Guarantee and are made in the USA.

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Premium Quality Aluminum Letters
Looking for the best-quality aluminum letters? Aluminum letters are the preferred choice for outdoor use as they are durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, you also get beautiful and fine finishing in high-quality aluminum letters that you cannot get in any other material. These letters are guaranteed against fading, chipping or cracking. Get custom aluminum letters, Numbers & Logos made in your choice of size and fonts from us.

Made from solid pieces of aluminum. You can choose from the following
sized aluminum pieces for your letters:
 1/4"
 3/8"
 1/2"
 3/4"
 1"

You can also choose from our 45 standard paint colors. Pick your colors as per your brand to give your
branding a boost. These aluminum letters are the first thing people will notice when they enter your
store. Make sure it counts by choosing the best colors.
We also offer custom colors, fonts, and logos for your brand.

Our affordable aluminum letters are available in anodized and painted finishes. The letters are cut using
waterjets which gives impeccable finish and sharp edges. Anodizing allows aluminum letters to harden
and be colorized. At Buy Sign Letters, we anodize our aluminum letters ourselves to ensure top quality.
We also ensure that all the letters have the same color consistency so that they all look alike. Anodized
aluminum letters create dimensions in letters which also create a sense of permanency when they are

The process of anodizing doesn’t just coat the aluminum letters in the paint. In fact, they make the color
a permanent part of the letters. This ensures longevity and prevents the letters from being affected by
external conditions.

Anodized Aluminum Letters

Features of Our Aluminum Letters

  • Our Aluminum Letters are abrasion resistant
  • They have a beautiful finish
  • They are hard and durable
  • They are cost-effective
  • They are weather-resistant
  • They do not peel or crack
  • They remain unaffected by UV and sunlight
  • They are environment-friendly

Installing aluminum letters is simple and easy. You just have to follow the installation patterns and
install the letters with studs. You will know where to drill your mounting holes and can easily install your
letters. Aluminum letters can be installed on any wall surface. You can also use spacers to create a drop
shadow effect. This makes the aluminum letters look even more stunning.
Want other installation methods for your aluminum letters?
Let us know what you have in mind and we will create custom letters to suit your needs.

DIY Signs
Looking for custom aluminum letters? We can make them for you.
At Buy Sign Letters, our customers have the freedom of creating their custom letters. If you can’t find
what you are looking for, then you can let us know what you have in mind and we will make it for you.
Create custom styles, fonts, and colors for your aluminum letters and we will get them made for you.
Just get in touch with our design team and tell them what you have in mind. They will create custom
letters and signs for you that will meet your needs.

Easy Online Ordering
Ordering your aluminum letters from Buy Sign Letters is simple.

  • Select a font
  • Select a size
  • Select your preferred installation method
  • Select your desired thickness
  • Select your desired color

Why Choose Us?

  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Easy online ordering
  • Lifetime guarantee on all products
  • Premium quality sign letters

We use environment-friendly products and practices. Waterjet cutting ensures intricate details and tight
inside corners that you won’t find anywhere else.
Buy aluminum letters from us at the best rates.
Order today.

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Shipping Info

  • Cast Aluminum Installation Methods: 
Mounting Options
No installation method will leave the back of your letter completely flat. To use this method, apply 100% silicone to the back of the letter and secure the letter to the wall. Use masking tape on the face of the letter to hold it to the wall while the silicone dries. Plain No Installation Method
This method is the most popular and secure method available. Installation patterns available and highly recommended for easy install. Simply drill holes, fill with 100% pure silicone and slide in letters. The stud for brick option is available for standard brick with mortar joints at 2 5/8' on center. Stud Mounting / Brick / Inline
Stud mount with nuts can be used in many ways. If you can access the wall behind the letters, you can use the nuts behind the wall to secure the letters. Also, if you have a corrugated building you can use the nuts on the studs to stand the letters off the wall in the low spots. Use Stud mount with Spacers (see below) for flat non corrugated walls if you want the letters to standoff the wall surface. Stud Mount With Nuts
Stud mount with spacers will allow the letters to standoff the wall surface either 1/4', 1/2' or 3/4'. The spacers are sleeves that slide over the stud not allowing the letter to go flush against the wall. This is the easiest method to get an even standoff. Use Stud mount with nuts (see above)for corrugated mounting surfaces. Stud Mount with Spacers