Installation patterns are recommended for stud mount installations and are available for standard brick with mortar joints at 2 5/8'' on center
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If you have 2 signs you need 2 patterns


1) Masking Tape
2) Level
3) Drill & 1/4'' Drill Bit
4) Tube of Silicone


1) Fit the pattern to the wall placing the studs in the mortar joint spaces. Tape one edge of the Installation pattern to the installation surface with masking tape. Level the pattern and tape the other edge to the installation surface.



2) Punch and drill 1/4" holes 3 inches deep where indicated on your template. Remove the template and clean out all drill holes: a puff of air through a straw works well or use the air coming from the drill.


3) Fit the letter in the holes that were just drilled and adjust the holes to make the letter straight.



4) Push the tube of silicone over each stud on the first letter in order to evenly coat it with adhesive.



5) Push the letter into the drill holes and use masking tape to hold the letter onto the wall while the silicone dries. Repeat steps 3 through 5 for the rest of the letters.


How to avoid common INSTALLATION problems

  • Check installation template (mounting pattern) before leaving the shop.
  • Verify all boxes and letters have been delivered before leaving the shop.
  • Center and level template on mounting surface.
  • Clean surface thoroughly before using 100% silicone.
  • Blow all debris from holes after drilling (stud or combination mount).
  • Check letter orientation to avoid upside down characters.
  • Make sure number on back of each letter matches positioning on template.
  • Use only top quality materials (silicone, tape, etc.).

Other installation methods