Comes with spacing tape for easy letter spacing.  


1) Masking Tape
2) Level
3) Tube of Silicone


1) Spacing tape comes premarked for exact letter spacing. All you have to do is mount the tape on the wall level and you fit your letters between the spacing.



2. Position the spacing tape on the wall and secure one end with masking tape. Unroll, level and tape the other end. Spacing tapes show the general position of each letter.


3) Apply 100% pure silicone to each pad.



4) Apply letters to wall within the premarked guidelines. Then take a level to make sure the letters are level and straight and apply masking tape to help hold them up while the silicone dries.

How to avoid common INSTALLATION problems

  • Clean surface thoroughly before using 100% silicone.
  • Check letter orientation to avoid upside down characters.
  • Use only top quality materials (silicone, tape, etc.).

Other installation methods