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Formed Plastic Letters & Numbers -Optima 6''
Height: 6" | Average width: 4 5/8" | Approximate Depth: 3/4" | Stroke: 1/2" - 7/8" | Lower Case Height: 4 1/4" | Upper Case: $23.40 ea.| Lower Case: $22.80 ea.
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Letters and Numbers are individual.

APPROXIMATE Length:  0 inches.

Approximate line length is for longest line of copy and may vary by 10% if you need exact line lengths please contact us

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Formed Plastic Letters And Logos?

Our formed plastic letters and logos are made by thermoforming. Thermoforming is heating a material to its forming temperature and using pressure and vacuuming to conform the material over a mold to create dimensional letters or logos. These plastic letters and logos are tough, UV-stable, and completely recyclable. The plastic is smooth, forming sculpted details for indoor or outdoor installations. Formed plastic provides visible dimension when you need it, economically.

Formed plastic letters and logos offer an extensive selection of paint colors, dimensional custom faces, and standard fonts. Our standard formed plastic letters have one of the fastest lead times across all our product lines, 4-5 business days, allowing you to receive your made-to-order signs quickly. 

Plastic letters and numbers.

Available in over 1000 Painted colorsEasy to install, lifetime guarantee Sign up & Save 5% Today Plastic Sign Letters and Numbers Made from a tough, UV stable, non-petroleum, completely recyclable plastic, formed letters and logos can be customized to match virtually any letter style or logo. Made using a low cost modern manufacturing process to provide cost effective interior & exterior sign letters, logos and numbers for your business. Available in sizes from 4" to 48" (most fonts). Custom Plastic Letter Fonts and Logos can also be made. Plastic Letters and Numbers ship in 5-7 working days. Easy to install with studs and an installation pattern  

Authorized Gemini Sign Letter Supplier Since 2001

Gemini Plastic Letters come with a Lifetime Guarantee and are made in the USA

Plastic letters and numbers are a popular sign material. In fact, it is preferred by many who are lookingfor durable and long-lasting sign letters and number. They also work great for outdoor signages, addressnumbers, and business names. Plastic letters and numbers can also be made in custom fonts. This makes them the go-to signage choice for many businesses.Buy plastic letters and numbers online from Buy Sign Letters today.

Plastic letters and numbers from Buy Sign Letters are available in sizes from 4” to 48”. You can also getthem made in custom sizes, as per your specific needs.

Colors and Style
Now available in over a 1000 colors. All colors are now painted

Easy Installation
Plastic letters and numbers are easy to install. You get a Free installation pattern. Just follow the pattern and drill holes in the wall for mounting. The plastic letters and numbers can be mounted on any wall easily using studs.

We also offer other installation methods.
Want a custom installation for your plastic letters and numbers? Get in touch with us to discuss all the

Why Choose Our Plastic Letters and Numbers?
At Buy Sign Letters,  our plastic letters and numbers are made using premium quality plastic. It is
environment-friendly, UV and fade-resistant. It is also highly durable and cost-effective. These sign letters and numbers are the best choice if you are looking for affordable letters and numbers. They canbe used indoors and outdoors, for numbers, letters and logos of your business.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of plastic sign letters and numbers when you buy from us. We
have strict quality standards that all our products have to meet before they are sold. All our products
also come with a lifetime guarantee. Thus, you can rest assured that you are getting the best letters and
numbers at the best rates.
We take 3-5 days to ship orders to our clients. Custom orders can take a little longer.
Buy plastic letters and numbers from Buy Sign Letters at the best rates.

Affordable Plastic Letters and Numbers
We are the most affordable suppliers of plastic letters and numbers. We take pride in offering the best
quality at reasonable rates so that our customers don’t have to worry about the cost too much. This is
why we have many customers who always choose us for their sign letters and number needs.

Easy Online Ordering
Order your plastic letters and numbers from Buy Sign Letters. We have an easy online ordering system:

  • Select a font
  • Select a size
  • Select your preferred installation method
  • Select your desired thickness
  • Select your desired finish
  • Place an order

Why Choose Us?
 Free shipping on orders over $100
 Easy online ordering
 Lifetime guarantee on all products
 Premium quality sign letters

Buy plastic letters and numbers from Buy Sign Letters at the best rates.
Order today.

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  • Installation Methods:
Mounting Options
This method is the most popular and secure method available. Installation patterns available and highly recommended for easy install. Simply drill holes, fill with 100% pure silicone and slide in letters.Studs are randomly placed, patterns are needed for each set of letters ordered Stud Mounting
Flanges are flat, 3/16" to 1/2" perimeter on the letter return into which holes can be drilled. Secure with screws or nails. Wider flange is available upon request. Flange Mounting
Great easy to apply option method of installation. One of the most common ways to install letters. Simply line up letters on the spacing tape, apply 100% pure silicone to letters and apply to wall. Pad Mounting
Great for corrugated buildings or walls. This installation method combines studs and pads to leave the letter across uneven surfaces.Studs are randomly placed, patterns are needed for each set of letters ordered Stud/Pad Combo Mounting
Is only recommended for sign professionals. User must supply own installation method. Plain Mounting