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Acrylic Letters & Numbers - Impact 10''
Height: 10" | | Upper Case: $16.39 ea.| Lower Case: $14.74 ea.
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Letters and Numbers are individual.

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Approximate line length is for longest line of copy and may vary by 10% if you need exact line lengths please contact us

FREE Installation Pattern

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Acrylic letters and logos can be customized to virtually any custom graphic design, with laser-cut polished edges. Acrylic Signs are available in a variety of fonts and are Easy to install with studs and an FREE installation pattern

Buy acrylic letters & numbers online. Free Shipping* Over 1000 Painted Colors. DIY installation, custom logos, online ordering with a lifetime product guarantee. Sign up & Save 5% Today.

You’re getting more than an acrylic letter. Our acrylic is formulated with an impact modifier to stand up to the toughest enviorments. We also have several other types of mounting methods available to suit your needs. Custom logos and fonts are also available. 

NOTE: 3/8'' and 1/2" thicknesses will have flush stud mounting. 3/16'' & 1/4'' thickness are too thin to drill and tap for studs so they will have a acrylic nut on the back to screw the stud into. See Mounting Options on this page for illustrations. Metallic Silver and Metallic gold sides will have a darker sides than the face.

Authorized Gemini Sign Letter Supplier Since 2001
Gemini Acrylic Letters come with a Lifetime Guarantee and are made in the USA.

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Premium Quality Acrylic Letters

Looking for an alternative to metal letters?
Acrylic letters from Buy Sign Letters are the best choice. Our high-quality acrylic letters have laser-cut
edges that give a sharp and polished look. These signs are ideal for outdoor use and are preferred by our
customers over metal letters. Our creative design team gives you unlimited options when it comes to acrylic signs. You can also create custom acrylic designs to meet your needs. Our high-quality acrylic signs are durable and lightweight. They do not fade, chip, or crack. You can also get these custom signs made in any fonts of your choice.

Our Acrylic Letters range from 2” to 72” in size.

All colors are now painted. We have over a 1000 colors to choose from.

Why Choose Acrylic Letters?
People prefer acrylic letters as they are the best outdoor material for signs. They are affordable and
durable and can be cut in any size or shape of your choice. You can get them cut in any font style. You
can also easily create logos and other graphics with acrylic. They are also light in weight which makes
installation easy. Their light weight also makes them safe to use outdoors and indoors.

Use Acrylic Letters Indoors and Outdoors
Acrylic letters can be used indoors and outdoors as they look great up-close and afar. Our customers
usually use them outdoors because they have durable chemical properties. Extreme hot or cold weather
doesn’t affect them and their color doesn’t fade at all. They can withstand direct UV sunlight and
extreme temperature which makes them the best material for outdoor signs.
Affordable Acrylic Letters

Looking for high-quality yet affordable acrylic letters?
We have the best options.
Acrylic letters are typically much less expensive than bronze, brass, or aluminum signs and letters. They
are easy to maintain unlike letters made using other materials. This reduces the cost of maintenance
and you don’t have to replace them over and over again. These letters will look great for years.
This makes acrylic letters a great investment for your marketing and branding. You just have to get them
made once and they will last you a lifetime.

Easy Installation
Our acrylic letters come with studs and have a simple-to-follow installation pattern. This makes
installation quick, simple, and easy. You don’t need experts to install these letters. You can easily do it
yourself which further reduces your cost. You can also opt for acrylic letters with double sided tape. All
you have to do is remove the tape cover and stick the letters wherever you want. This completes the
installation process in no more than just some minutes.
Want other installation methods for your acrylic letters?
Let us know what you have in mind and we will create custom acrylic letters to suit your needs.

DIY Signs
Can’t find what you are looking for?
Don’t worry!
At Buy Sign Letters, we offer our clients the ease of creating custom letters. Why stick to ready-made
designs when you can design your own acrylic letters in the colors, style, and shape you want?
Just get in touch with our design team and let them know what you have in mind. We will create custom
acrylic letters for you to meet your needs.

Easy Online Ordering
Ordering your acrylic letters from Buy Sign Letters is as simple as 1.2.3.

  • Select a font
  • Select a size
  • Select your preferred installation method
  • Select your desired thickness
  • Select your desired color

Why Choose Us?

  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Easy online ordering
  • Lifetime guarantee on all products
  • Premium quality sign letters

Buy acrylic letters from us in the best rates.
Order today.

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Shipping Info
Mounting Options

Great easy to apply option method of installation. One of the most common ways to install letters. 
This method will stand your letter off the wall, if you would like your letter flush against the wall choose plain mounting and simply apply 100% pure silicone to letters and apply to wall. Pad Mounting


This method is an alternative to pad mounting. To use this method apply 100% silicone to the back of the letter and secure the letter to the wall. Plain Mounting 
Great for corrugated buildings or walls. This installation method combines studs and pads to leave the letter across uneven surfaces. Stud/Pad Combo Mounting


This is an alternative method to stud mounting only available on thicknesses of 3/8" or above. This will leave your letter flush against the wall. Flush Stud Mounting