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Cast Metal Letters & Numbers - Ribbon 10''
Height: 10" | Average width: 6 5/8" | Depth: 1 1/8" | Stroke: 5/8" | Unit: $83.06
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Cast metal is produced from metal castings by pouring molten metal into a standard or custom mold to create a desired letter or logo in several depths and textures. Forging cast metal involves a thorough manufacturing process and a team of dedicated tradesmen to create hand-finished cast metal products. Cast metal letters and logos deliver a distinguished, traditional appearance for your sign or message. Available in two metal materials, cast metal letters and logos are for indoor or outdoor applications.

Find a great selection of Cast Metal letters here, 3D, DIY, Order online, Free Shipping and lifetime guarantee.

Cast Aluminum Letters & Numbers are ideal when depth is required. Using state of the art Electric Furnace Foundries cast aluminum letters, numbers and logos can be reproduced with the purest quality. Painted finishes are sprayed with a robotic arm, then the enamel is baked providing outstanding results. We can also supply custom pms colors, logos and fonts. Aluminum letters and logos are easy to  install with studs and an installation pattern,, showing you precisely where to drill the mounting holes. 

Anodized Aluminum Letters
Anodizing is an electro-chemical process that hardens aluminum letters and allows them to be colorized. We perform our own anodizing to ensure all the Aluminum Letters in your order have color consistency and are
all finished to perfection. Aluminum Letters that are anodized are the pinnacle of dimensional lettering creating
a sense of permanency where they are installed. Anodized finishes are not just coatings, the coloring is part of the finished aluminum letters. Benefits of anodizing your Aluminum Letters include: abrasion and weather resistant, beautiful finish, increases hardness and durability, will not crack or peel, unaffected by sunlight / UV, environmentally friendly, and cost effective.

NEW Cast Aluminum natural satin faces with painted returns. Select Satin Face/Enameled Return in the color section. Cost is standard satin finish plus 15%, in the comments section on the item total page just let us know the return color you would like, you can select any of the Cast Aluminum baked enamel finishes.

Authorized Gemini Sign Letter Supplier Since 2001
Gemini Cast Letters come with a Lifetime Guarantee and are made in the USA.

Buy Sign Letters offers premium grade cast aluminum letters. These are highly durable and are perfect
to be mounted indoors and outdoors. These letters are carefully designed by our creative experts and
produced keeping the highest standards in mind.
Cast metal letters are commonly used for address markings and house numbers. They look elegant and
beautiful and don’t wear off. They are the best choice if you are looking for some depth in your letters
and signs. We use state-of-the-art machines and foundries to make these cast aluminum letters. You can
rest assured that these letters are the best quality you will find anywhere.

Cast aluminum letters can be made in any size you want. We also offer different font and style choices
that you can pick from. We also give you the liberty to create custom cast metal letters as per your

Anodized Cast Aluminum Letters
Anodizing of cast aluminum letters is important as it hardens them to the right amount and also gives
them a surface that can be colorized. At Buy Sign Letters, we perform anodizing ourselves to ensure the
highest quality. This also gives you color consistency in all your letters, something that other companies
fail to give. You can pick any enamel finish that you like and we will create it for you.

Why Choose Cast Aluminum Letters?
Cast Aluminum letters are popular because of the following reasons:

  • They are weather and abrasion-resistant
  • They come in beautiful finishes
  • They are highly durable and hard
  • They don’t peel or crack
  • They are environment-friendly
  • They are not affected by UV or sunlight
  • They are cost-effective

Affordable Cast Aluminum Letters

Cast aluminum letters don’t have to be too expensive.
Don’t fall a victim to expensive yet low-quality cast metal letters.
At Buy Sign Letters, we are committed to providing the best quality letters to our clients at the best
prices. We offer the lowest prices for the highest quality products. Our aim is to provide the best
products to our clients that give them what they are looking for.
All our products meet the highest standards of quality. They are designed and made by experts. When
you order your cast aluminum letters from us, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest
quality at the best rates.

Easy Installation
Installing cast aluminum letters doesn’t have to be an ordeal when you buy them from us. We offer easy
installation to prevent complications. These letters come with studs and installation patterns which
make it easy to mount on the walls. You just have to drill holes where you want to mount your letters
and just install them there easily.
Want other installation methods for your cast aluminum letters?
Let us know what you have in mind and we will create custom cast aluminum letters to suit your needs.

DIY Signs
Want to create custom cast aluminum letters?
We’ve got you covered.
At Buy Sign Letters, we offer our clients the liberty to design their own cast metal letters. You can pick
any size, font, or style that you like and we will create it for you. Our design team loves working with
creative people and tries to be as accommodating to their needs as possible.
Just get in touch with our design team and let them know what you have in mind. We will create custom
cast aluminum letters for you to meet your needs.

Easy Online Ordering
Order your cast metal letters from Buy Sign Letters

  • Select a font
  • Select a size
  • Select your preferred installation method
  • Select your desired thickness
  • Select your desired finish

Why Choose Us?

  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Easy online ordering
  • Lifetime guarantee on all products
  • Premium quality sign letters

Buy cast aluminum letters from us at the best rates.
Order today.

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