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Formed Channel Letters and Numbers can be ordered with GE Tetra miniMAX LEDs and transformers or without any lighting. For interior or exterior signage. This is a great low cost & low profile substitute for channel letters. All letter faces are rounded and give your letters a nice embossed look. Our Formed Channel Letters faces and cans are vacuumed formed plastic. We recommend that the cans should be opaque white for best illumination but we do offer a wide variety of can and translucent face colors. Formed Channel Letters are available in upper case only in Helvetica, Helvetica bold, Goudy extra bold and Times bold fonts. Meets UL Specifications. Letters will ship in 8-10 business days, 9-12 business days with LEDs. Custom fonts are available for approximately 35% more than standard font pricing. All standard fonts we supply online have round faces. Priced from $41.80


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Visibility Chart

All Plastic Letters




Face Colors
1838 Translucent White 1800 Translucent Yellow 1848 Translucent Light Blue 1860 Translucent Blue 1893 Translucent Red 1862 Translucent Red-Orange 1819 Translucent Orange
Can Colors
5687 White 4310 Dove Grey 0209 Grey 2025 Black 2718 Opaque Ivory 2037 Lemon Yellow 6371 Yellow Gold 2000 Yellow 0217 Citrus Yellow 0218 Sundance Yellow 0254 School Bus Yellow 2119 Orange 2662 Red-Orange 0256 Rampart Orange 2793 Red 0214 Mexicali Red 2240 Maroon 2287 Purple 2410 Magenta 0246 Violet Toner 2050 Dark Blue 2860 Medium Blue 3000 Blue 2648 Light Blue 3210 Teal Blue 0259 Federal Green 0222 Emerald Green 2108 Light Green 2030 Green
0314 Old Copper 3130 Duranodic Bronze 8886 Metallic Silver 0312 Medium Bronze 2418 Brown 0401 Aztec Gold 0207 Beige 2756 Metallic Gold
Click on Color for Larger Sample.

  • Variety of Translucent Face Colors
  • 9" to 36" Sizes Available
  • 100% recyclable and environmentally correct
  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Formed Channel Letters

Live Support Channel Letters

Buysignletters Lifetime Guarantee

Shipping Information:

Free Shipping Formed Channel Letters

LEDs Specifications


  • Includes LEDs installed in letters
  • Transformers necessary to power your letters
  • UL Recognized component labels for interior of sign letters only
  • GE LEDs with a 4-year GE warranty for all transformers and LED modules.
Not Included
  • Wiring necessary to connect letters together and to the transformer
  • Raceways and transformer housings (if necessary for the installation)
  • Connections for 110V side of transformer
  • UL Listing stickers for OUTSIDE of letters (if required)
  • It is recommended that all electrical connections be made by a licensed electrical installer.
  • Caution: Do NOT plug LEDs direct into 110v outlets


Your Number #1 Source for Formed Channel Letters, Formed Channel Sign Letters, Formed Channel Numbers and Formed Channel Letter Signage.

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Sign Letters

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